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The rapid emergence and growth of innovation is happening all around us. From new business models to the increasing number of companies adopting new technologies, innovation is becoming more prevalent. In the U.S., over 63 percent of companies have hired a chief innovation officer, and over 90 percent are using new technologies to implement the innovation process.

Unfortunately, many companies are not prepared to embrace the innovation process. Despite the increasing number of people eager to participate in the innovation process, many are still reluctant to change their mindsets. This is why you must take the necessary steps to turn the tide and encourage innovation within your company.

Many effective ideas can help create a culture of innovation within your company. These can help keep the innovation process moving forward and prevent your business from getting left behind.

Encourage Experiments

According to the guidelines of entrepreneur Joe McKnight, 15 percent of a company’s time should be dedicated to experimenting. However, you should also reward the habits that help keep the innovation process moving forward. This includes recognizing the successes of the experimentation and celebrating the failures.


Besides encouraging your team to try new technologies, you also need to encourage them to do their research. This can be done by allowing your employees to look into new technology and write reports for the company.


Your employees should be able to present their research in various ways, such as in an employee forum. To create a unique environment for your company, take a page from Google’s book “Google Cafes.”

In addition to an employee forum, you should create a space for your team to discuss their ideas and research. This can be done through weekly meetings or company bulletin boards.

Change Things

You can motivate your employees to think outside the box by giving them new exciting projects that are outside their usual tasks. Although some may initially feel nervous about starting a new project, they will eventually become more engaged if they can try something new.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Most successful companies know that they are not only focused on their products and services. They also know that they have the necessary skills and assets to be successful. This will allow them to inspire their employees to believe that they are more than their job roles.

Take Vacations

Unfortunately, many workers in the U.S. are not taking as many vacation days as their counterparts in other countries. This is a negative trend that can affect the company’s performance.

Aside from being physically and mentally healthy, taking a break from work can also improve your productivity. According to studies, certain activities can help boost creativity.

Originally published at on November 2, 2022.



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