Crafting a Good Elevator Pitch | Jennifer Lesser

Creating a good elevator pitch is a crucial skill for any professional. It allows them to easily introduce themselves and their companies, giving potential clients the concise information they need to decide whether or not their products are worth further consideration. Here are ways to create a good pitch:

  1. Tailor their elevator pitch
    Elevator pitches introduce a business or its services to potential clients. However, the same elevator pitch does not work for every business and industry. The companies that sell luxury items or services will not have the same pitch as companies that sell products to large corporations. Tailoring their company’s pitch helps potential clients see how their company fits their needs, especially when they have a product they need and competitors they already use.


Crafting a good elevator pitch can be difficult, but it pays off. It is a skill that many professionals overlook in favor of more hands-on work, but it is just as important to their success.

Originally published at on July 7, 2022.



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Jenny Lesser

Jenny Lesser is a business professional with a love for travel and people. For more, visit for even more insights and updates!