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Jenny Lesser
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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up in the morning and realizing you will be spending the day outside. There are great aspects of fall and winter camping, however, spring and summer months are some of the most opportune times to pack up and head out into the nature for a few days. Here are a few camping tips and hacks to try the next time you decide to hit the outdoors.

  1. Obtain a descent cool box
    One of the camping tips is to carry a cool box. A cool box is essential if you intend to take food and drink with you. You may try putting all the food and drink into a cooler bag, but a cool box is more convenient. Cool boxes are great for camping because they provide extra space for other things like clothing, games, and anything else they need to take. Many cool boxes have built-in wheels, making them even more convenient to transport around.

2. Carry cooking utensils
You will also need to carry a couple of cooking utensils with them too. Whether you are cooking some food over a fire or having it heated up on the gas stove, you’ll need cooking utensils. A common option is to use trays, plates and cutlery that can all be stacked in their cool box or the kitchen cart.

3. Carry extra cooking fuel
The cooking fuel for a gas stove is contained within special gas canisters that allow people to cook food without the need for batteries or electricity. It is important to take plenty of these canisters with you, as it will be necessary if you intend on cooking a lot of food over their trip. On average, a person should have around 5–10 canisters, depending on how much they plan to cook.

4. Plan for meals in advance
Those who are going camping with their family and friends should plan for meals in advance. This will help ensure that you are not running out of food in the middle of the trip. It makes the day to day that much easier by not taking one thing off of your daily camp to-do list. Take snacks to munch on throughout the day, but have a good outline of what you plan to eat each evening.

Camping isn’t for everyone, but for outdoor enthusiasts, setting up camp for a long weekend is the ideal getaway. While it can be work to put up a tent, prepare meals outside, and stay comfortable, it’s a worthwhile endeavor and one that can be made easier if you know what you’re doing and plan accordingly. Remember to be prepared for the unexpected, be safe, and have fun!

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